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Analyzers > Communications Analyzers > 8920A 001-002-004-005-014 RF Communications Test Set by Hewlett Packard - Agilent- Keysight

8920A 001-002-004-005-014 RF Communications Test Set

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Product Description & Specs

Provides full functionality needed in testing cellular phones and communications systems up to 1 GHz. The built-in encoder and decoder support all major formats. Additional features include: Spectrum Analyzer with tracking generator, built in IBASIC computer and International cellular test software.
Options (check avalability):
001 High stability OCXO timebase
002 Spectrum analyzer with tracking generator and ACP
003 HP-IB/RS-232/dc Current Measurement
004 Tone/digital signaling encode/decode
006 10W to 50 micro Watt power meas range
007 1.2W low-level RF power measurements
010 400 Hz high pass filter
011 CCITT weighting filter
012 4 kHz bandpass filter
013 C-message weighting filter
014 6 kHZ bandpass filter
015 Standard Power Range (1mW to 60W)
016 High power input option: 100 Watts
020 Radio interface card
031 Delete handle and protective cover
051 Dual-mode rear panel connectors
055 Mechanical attenuator input(400kHz to 1GHz input)
0BK Manuals on both paper and CD-ROM
0BU Additional instrument BASIC manuals
102 Spectrum analyzer with tracking generator and ACP
103 HP-IB/RS-232/dc Current Measurement
1CM Rackmount kit
500 83201B opt 003 TDMA Cellular Adaptr
800 83206A TIA/EIA-136 TDMA Cellular Adapter

8920A 001 002 004 005 014

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