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Generators > Signal Generators & Oscillators > N5183A 532-1E1-1EA-UNT-UNW MXG Microwave Analog Signal Generator 100KHz - 31. by Hewlett Packard - Agilent- Keysight

N5183A 532-1E1-1EA-UNT-UNW MXG Microwave Analog Signal Generator 100KHz - 31.

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Product Description & Specs

Microwave signal generation optimized for manufacturing the N5183A MXG microwave analog signal generators deliver the performance needed for broadband component manufacturing up to 31.8GHz. This instrument provides ? 900 ?s frequency switching (?600 ?s typically) to improve test times for applications like antenna test and manufacturing, with a small size (2RU) to better utilize rack space. Excellent power and level accuracy make the MXG microwave a reliable stimulus for driving high power devices. The MXG microwave can be configured to meet your test needs today, from LO substitution and CW interferer to analog modulation for device characterization, and is easily upgraded to meet your needs in the future.
Key Features & Specifications Signal Characteristics
·100 kHz to 31.8 Frequency Range
·+22dBm up to 20 GHz +18 dBm 20 to 31.8GHz output power
·? 900 ?s frequency switching speeds
·? -98 dBc/Hz typical phase noise at 20 kHz offset
Modulation and Sweep
·AM, FM, ?M, and pulse modulation
&#183;< 10 ns pulse rise/fall time and 20 ns pulse widths
&#183;Digital and step sweep
Automation and Communcation Interface
&#183;100BaseT LAN, USB 2.0 and GPIB
&#183;LXI class-B compliant
&#183;SCPI and IVI-COM drivers
&#183;Backward compatible with PSG, 8340, 8360 and 8370 Series signal generators
Options Installed:
N5183A-1E1 Step attenuator; output power levels of -90 dBm
N5183A-1EA High output power; up to 20 GHz: +22 dBm; 20 to 40 GHz: +18 dBm
N5183A-532 Frequency range from 100kHz to 31.8GHz
N5183A-UNT AM, FM, phase modulation
N5183A-UNW Narrow pulse modulation

N5183A 532 1E1 1EA UNT UNW

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