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Analyzers > AC Power Analyzers & Monitors > 435 003 Three Phase Power Quality Analyzer Kit with Curren by Fluke

435 003 Three Phase Power Quality Analyzer Kit with Curren

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Product Description & Specs

The Fluke 435 three-phase power quality analyzer help you locate, predict, prevent and troubleshoot problems in three- and single- phase power distribution systems. Troubleshooting is faster with on-screen display of trends and captured events, even while background recording continues.

The Fluke 435 offers unique features like AutoTrend, which records everything on the screen automatically; System-Monitor, a quick diagnosis of system performance against user defined limits; Logger Function with multi-parameter logging; and Mains Signaling, measures interference from ripple control signals at specific frequencies. These features help to quickly diagnose problems and build benchmarks for predictive maintenance.

The new IEC standards for flicker, harmonics, and power quality are built right in to take the guess work out of power quality.

Simple to use with immediate results
Designed for power quality specialists as well as electricians and plant technicians working in industrial, healthcare, business, and public services settings, the Fluke 435 has functions typically only found on expensive power recorders. Yet its menu-driven interface allows users to be hooked up and recording in minutes.

Full measurement capability and the highest safety rating
Fully Class A Compliant - conduct tests according to the stringent international IEC 61000-4-30 Class A standard. With a CAT III, 1000 V / CAT IV, 600 V safety rating the Fluke 435 can measure all phases, neutral and ground on virtually every connection in a low voltage electrical distribution system. The meter's measurement capabilities encompass all power system parameters including true-rms voltage and current, frequency, power, power consumption (energy), unbalance and flicker. They also automatically capture events like transients (as fast as 5 microseconds and as high as 6kV), interruptions, rapid voltage changes and dips and swells.

Rugged design for field use
Optimized for mobile applications, these rugged instruments operate up to seven hours on a single battery charge. The large data (16 MB) memory stores up to 50 screens. A detailed, user-configurable long-time recording gives you the MIN, MAX and AVG readings of up to 100 parameters on all 4 phases with selectable averaging time down to 0.5 seconds. Enough memory is available to record 400 parameters with 1 minute resolution for up to a month, all of which can be transferred to a PC via FlukeView<sup>(R)</sup> software for analysis or use in reports.
Battery Life 7 hours
Battery Type nimh
CAT III Rating 1000v
CAT IV Rating 600v
Current AC Accuracy 1% + 5 counts
Current DC Accuracy 0.10%
Current Inputs 4
Dimensions 256 mm x 169 mm x 64 mm (10 in x 6.5 in x 2.5 in)
High Speed Capture Rate 200
IP Rating ip51
Memory 16
Operating Temperature 0 ?c to +50 ?c (32 ?f to 122 ?f)
Sample Rate 20.48

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