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DC Power Supplies > Operational Amp Power Sources > BOSS36-12-1 Bi-Polar Operational Power Supply 0-±35V 0-±12A 40 by Electro Meas

BOSS36-12-1 Bi-Polar Operational Power Supply 0-±35V 0-±12A 40

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Voltage: 36
Amperage: 12
VA: 400

Product Description & Specs

The BOS/S is a Bipolar Operational Source/Sink Amplifier, a true four quadrant power supply with high bandwidth capabilities. It utilizes the latest MOSFET technology for high slew rates and high efficiency. The BOS/S power supplies have been developed for applications where high stability, accuracy, fast response times and bipolar capabilities are required. It is well suited for laboratory, test and measurement applications. The BOS/S has two modes of operation, constant voltage and constant current. The modes of operation are selected by switch position. The BOS/S also provides dynamic limiting of voltages and current regardless of which mode of operation is selected. Voltage Current
Line Regulation 0.005% max. 0.005
Load Change (100%) 0.005% max. 1.0 mA
Time 0.008 0.008
Temperature Coefficien 0.01%/c max. 0.03%/c
Output Ripple 3.00mV 0.05%

Max DC DC to F<3 dB Slew Rate @
DC Output Range Full Power Maximum Load
Io Eo V I V I
400 W
BOS/S 36-12 ?35V ?12A 10KHz 12KHz 3V/?s 1A/?s

BOSS36 12 1

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