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AC Power Supplies > AC Sources > 1201WP AC Power Source 1200W 0-130/260VAC 47-500Hz by California Instruments

1201WP AC Power Source 1200W 0-130/260VAC 47-500Hz

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Voltage: 1200
Amperage: 1
VA: 260
Specialty: 115 or 230
Prog: 9.23

Product Description & Specs

The Model 120lWP provides a low cost, convenient source of international power for testing products which are exported to countries with different power mains and/or connectors than those of the manufacturing site. The unit is sufficiently portable that it can be moved between work stations or lab positions as needed.
Output voltage is adjustable from 0 to 260 volts at frequencies of 47 to 500 Hz. Output power is delivered to a terminal block on the rear panel of the unit.
A digital display allows monitoring of RMS output voltage, frequency and RMS load current.
Internal jumpers allow operation from either 115 or 230 VAC. Input frequency can vary from 45 to 440Hz.

Output Voltage: 0 to 130 or 0 to 260VAC, panel selected
Output Frequency: 47 to 150Hz and 150 to 500Hz
Output Current: 9.23 Amps (130 volt range); 4.62 amps (260 volt range)

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