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Computer Related Equipment > Data Acquisition > DASH32HF 32 Channel High Speed Data Acquisition Recorder by Astro-Med Inc

DASH32HF 32 Channel High Speed Data Acquisition Recorder

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Product Description & Specs

The Dash32HF is a portable data acquisition recorder engineered specifically for capturing multiple channels of high frequency data and transient signals. It provides 32 analog inputs (+/-50VDC (35VRMS)) with sample rates up to 500 KHz and a bandwidth of 100 KHz per channel! The Dash 32HF is the ideal system to give you an accurate record of your high speed data along with all of the channels you need in one compact package. High-Speed Data Acquisition The Dash 32HF offers intelligent, versatile data capture. Thirty-two differential analog inputs and eight event inputs can be streamed directly to a 250 GByte hard drive. Sample rates can be varied from 500 KHz per channel to 100 Hz per channel. You can even capture trend data at slower sample rates while embedding higher sample rate scope captures at the same time!

32 Analog Inputs A wide variety of voltages can be measured by the Dash 32HF. From 80 mVFS to 100 VFS (0V offset), the Dash 32HF accommodates most of the popular recording parameters. Each channel input can be independently configured and has a dedicated 16 bit A/D converter to assure the most accurate measurement.

Large 15" Touch-Screen Display The Dash 32HF has a large 15" color display which allows you to view your data in real-time and post capture. Operation of the Dash 32HF is quick and easy with the intuitive touch-screen display. Interface icons and menus provide for straightforward setup and operation. There are no switches, push-buttons or other controls -complete operation is from the touch-screen. And, you can easily customize it to fit your exact needs. This means less setup time and more time for gathering data.

PC Interface In today's environment, it is essential that your test equipment talk to your PC. The Dash 32HF's GBit Ethernet port, USB interface, internal DVD, and off-line software make it easier than ever to do this. From setting the system up through your PC to uploading captured data from the hard drive, the Dash 32HF seamlessly integrates with your computer. Best of all, the Dash 32HF comes standard with AstroVIEW X, our PC-based review software, making it easier than ever to review data.

E-mail or call us at 800-582-8378 for more information.

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