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EMI/RFI Analyzers & Antennas > EMC Receivers > DC2000 Dual-Directional Coupler 10KHz - 220MHz 2500 Watt by Amplifier Research

DC2000 Dual-Directional Coupler 10KHz - 220MHz 2500 Watt

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Product Description & Specs

Amplifier Research Model DC2000 is a high power ultra-broadband coupler with excellent performance characteristics over a range of more than 14 octaves. This Dual Directional Coupler is a convenient means of simultaneously monitoring forward and reverse power in high power systems using normal laboratory oscilloscopes, voltmeters, power meters, and spectrum analyzers. Model DC2000 is recommended for use with our "A" and "L" series amplifiers, and other amplifiers operating within the frequency and power range.
Frequency Range: 10kHz to 220MHz
Power: 2500 watts CW/ 5000 watts peak
Mainline Connector: C(M)IC(F)
Coupled Connector : BNC(F) BNC(F)
Coupling Factor: 50 ?1 dB (includes flatness)
Coupling Flatness: ? 0.9dB
Directivity: 25 dB typical; 20 dB minimum
Insertion Loss: 0.15 dB maximum
Impedance (Main Line):50 ohms VSWR 1.2: 1 maximum
Weight (Maximum): 1.13 kg
2.5 lb. Size (Wx H x D): 26.6 cm x 8.1 cm x 7.6 cm 10.1 in x 3.2 in x 3.0

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