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DC Power Supplies > DC Power Supplies > XDC60-200 DC Power Supply 0-60V 0-200A Switching by Xantrex

XDC60-200 DC Power Supply 0-60V 0-200A Switching

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Voltage: 60
Amperage: 200
VA: 12000

Product Description & Specs

The XDC Series of digital, programmable DC power supplies is designed for use inOEM, ATE, burn-in, magnet charging, and other high power systems for a broad range of applications. The XDC uses our newly developed digital technology which,
combined with "Soft Switching," provides superior erformance and a high level of user control through both front panel and remote interfaces.
* Digital processing for highly accurate control
* Ten, 99-step auto sequences for easy bench-top programming of complex test routines
* Ten stored settings
* Zero voltage (soft) switching for low noise output, improved efficiency and higher reliability
* Active Power Factor Correction (PFC) for lower input current draw and lower current harmonic generation
* Remote voltage sense with 5V line drop compensation
* Automatic Voltage/Current mode crossover
* Constant power mode
* Seven load protection mechanisms
* Alarms and messages for over- and under-programmed trip points
* Auxiliary status lines for monitoring power supply conditions
* Remote interlock and trigger ports
* Selectable standby, last setting, programmed sequence and other power-on defaults
* Active current sharing with parallel connected units for higher power requirements*
* Standard RS-232 remote control interface and optional GPIB (IEEE 488.2) port
* CANbus communications link for multichannel addressing, and master/slave current sharing*
* Extensive SCPI command set
* Keypad, knobs, and arrow keys for fast and tactile front panel operation

XDC60 200

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