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DC Power Supplies > Electronic Loads > DCL488-400-200-1500 Programmable Electronic Load 3-400V 0-200A 1500 Wa by Transistor Devices

DCL488-400-200-1500 Programmable Electronic Load 3-400V 0-200A 1500 Wa

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Product Description & Specs

The DCL Series of 1500 watt of IEEE-488 bus programmable Dynaloads are single input electronic loads designed for test, evaluation, and burn in of DC output power supplies and batteries. The loads may be controlled remotely by a computer or locally by means of an optional front panel control.
The loads accept input currents from zero to their full scale rating, input voltages from three to full scale rating within the constraints of a 1500 watt power limit. Input current is stable but derated from zero to two volts.
All of the Dynaloads control and power inputs with the EXCEPTION of the EXTERNAL MODULATION INPUT are ohmically isolated from both the AC power ground and from the load's connections to the unit under test.
A transformer coupled bias supply isolates the control circuitry from the AC power line. The only connection from the circuitry to the chassis is capacitive and is made by means of high voltage noise bypass capacitors. The chassis is, of course, connected to an earth ground tie point.
The loads control circuitry and power inputs are optically isolated from the IEEE-488 bus. Communication across this barrier is in the form of serial data strings at a rate of sixty (60) kilobaud. The optocouplers utilized have a withstand test voltage of 2500 VAC for one minute and are VDE approved.

DCL488 400 200 1500

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