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EMI/RFI Analyzers & Antennas > EMC Receivers > 3810-2NM Line Impedance Stabilization Network (LISN) 9 kHz by Emco - ETS - Lindgren

3810-2NM Line Impedance Stabilization Network (LISN) 9 kHz

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Product Description & Specs

Multi-line low pass filter networks used for conducted emissions measurement. They are placed between the power mains and the EUT ( Equipment Under Test ) to stabilize line impedance, provide a 50 ohm RF connection, and eliminate unwanted RF signals from the line supply. Designed to be used with a signal analyzer for making FCC 15, VDE 0871 & 0875, and EN55022 conformance measurements.

An Artificial Hand circuit which conforms to EN55014 is included. The circuit is useful for testing hand-held equipment which does not have a connection to protective earth ground.

*Frequency Range: 9 kHz - 30 MHz
*Continuous Current Rating: 10 A
*Earth Line Choke
*Artificial Hand Network
*Test Type - FCC-15, VDE 0871, VDE 0876, EN55022
Lines Plus Ground 2
Frequency Range 9 kHz - 30 MHz
Power Source Frequency 60 Hz (50 Hz optional)
Maximum Current 10 A
Maximum Voltage 125 VAC Line to Ground (250 VAC Line to Ground optional)
Network Inductance Impedance 50?H / 250?H; 50 ohm
Power In Connector IEC power inlet with customer specified plug
Power Out Connector NEMA<sup>(R)</sup>

3810 2NM

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