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DC Power Supplies > High Voltage Sources > 105-30R High Voltage Power Supply 0 - 30KV 0 - 33mA by Bertan

105-30R High Voltage Power Supply 0 - 30KV 0 - 33mA

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Voltage: 30000
Amperage: 0.0003

Product Description & Specs

The Bertan 105-30R Reversible Polarity HV Power Supply has a 0 to 30kV at 0 to 33mA with 1kW max output Polarity reversal is achieved by the reversal of an internal connector. The selected polarity is displayed by the front panel LED indicator

Remote programming of the power supply output voltage and output current is included. Programming can be accomplished with a remote analog voltage or remote resistance. The external safety interlock and remote programming inputs and the monitoring and status Series 105 High Voltage Power Supplies outputs are conveniently accessible at the rear panel l/O connector. The Series 105 has calibrated front panel controls for setting voltage and current. Dual 4? digit LED front panel meters allow viewing of the output voltage and current. Front panel indicator lights provide control mode, polarity, and regulation mode operating information. A POWER ON/OFF switch, HIGH VOLTAGE ON/OFF switch and a HIGH VOLTAGE ON indicator complete the Series 105 front panel features.

Input Power: 115 Vac ?10% @ 16 Amperes, 50-60Hz. 230 Vac ?10% @ 10 Amperes, 50-60Hz.
Voltage Regulation: ? (0.01% of setting + 0.01% of maximum) for ?10% input line change. ? (0.02% of setting + 0.02% of maximum) for FL-NL and NL-FL change.
Current Regulation: ? (0.05% of setting + 0.05% of maximum) for ?10% input line change. ? (0.1% of setting + 0.1% of maximum) for 0 to maximum rated output voltage change.
Ripple: 0.1% of setting + 0.1% of maximum, peak to peak.
Temperature Coefficient (0 to 50?C): Constant voltage operation: + (50 ppm of setting + 50ppm of maximum) per ?C. Constant current operation: + (100 ppm of setting + (100ppm of maximum) per ?C.
Storage Temperature: -40?C to +85?C
Stability (after 1 hr warm-up): Constant Voltage Operation: + (0.01% of setting + 0.01% of maximum) per hr. + (0.02% of setting + 0.02% of maximum) per 8hrs. Constant Current Operation: + (0.02% of setting + 0.02% of maximum) per hr. (0.04% of setting- + 0.04% of maximum) per 8hrs.
Efficiency: 85% typical.

105 30R

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