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Meters > Phase Angle Voltmeters / Indicators > 6620A Precision (GPIB) Programmable Phasemeter 10Hz - 10 by Krohn-Hite

6620A Precision (GPIB) Programmable Phasemeter 10Hz - 10

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Product Description & Specs

The Model 6620A provides precision phase measurements with a typical accuracy of 0.02? and a resolution of 0.01? over most of the frequency range. It will accept a wide range of input signal levels from 10mVrms to 320V rms and input waveforms including sine, triangle, square and pulses. A 5 digit LED display provides continuous direct readout of phase angles between 0.00? and 360.00? or ?180?. These two ranges can be manually or automatically selected.
Accuracy: Typically 0.02?
Resolution: 0.01?
GPIB Programmable
Automatic Ranging Display
Automatic Voltage Ranging
Input Voltage Range:
10mV rms to 320V rms
Deviation Measurements
Accepts Any Waveform
Analog Output
Automatic Meter Correct (AMC)

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