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DC Power Supplies > Electronic Loads > PLZ1003W RS11 Programmable Electronic Load 1.5 - 120V 200A 1000 by Kikusui

PLZ1003W RS11 Programmable Electronic Load 1.5 - 120V 200A 1000

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Voltage: 120
Amperage: 200
VA: 1000
Prog: RS-232

Product Description & Specs

1000 watts max. Input Voltage: 1.5 to 120V. Input Current: 0 to 200A. Digital readout of voltage and current. Automatic protection.
Constant power mode useful for battery discharge tests
Setting of various conditions Variable rise/fall time function
Sequence function that allows complicated current simulations
Setup function and backup memories
Remote sensing that compensates precisely for set values
Trigger signal output useful for waveform monitoring
Three-memory function and switching function
Soft-start function that suppresses output voltage distortion
Short-circuit function that allows instantaneous setting of the maximum current
Parallel operations that offer increased current and power capacities
Option RS-11 adds RS232 programming

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