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DC Power Supplies > Current Sources & Source Monitors > 428 PROG Programmable Current Amplifier by Keithley

428 PROG Programmable Current Amplifier

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Product Description & Specs

The Model 428 Programmable Current Amplifier converts fast, small currents to a voltage, which can be easily digitized or displayed by an oscilloscope, waveform analyzer, or data acquisition system. It uses a sophisticated "feedback current" circuit to achieve both fast rise times and sub-picoamp noise. The gain of the Model 428 is adjustable in decade increments from 103V/A to 1011V/A, with selectable rise times from 2?s to 300ms.

2 microsecond rise time
1.2 fA rms noise
Up to 1011 V/A gain
IEEE-488 interface
Voltage output converts one milliamp into one volt out
Range: -10mA to 10mA (-10V to 10V output, which also corresponds to the A/D range)

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