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Impedance Measurement (R,L,C,Q,D) > RLC Bridges / Meters > 4285A 002 Precision LCR Meter 75 kHz - 30 MHz with Bias Curr by Hewlett Packard - Agilent- Keysight

4285A 002 Precision LCR Meter 75 kHz - 30 MHz with Bias Curr

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Product Description & Specs

The 4285A precision LCR meter provides a precise, reliable, high-speed solution for component and material measurement. For demanding RF component tests, the 4285A offers a higher test-frequency range, from 75 kHz to 30 MHz. Whether in research and development, production, quality assurance, or incoming inspection, the 4285A will meet all of your LCR meter test and measurement requirements.

Frequency: 75 kHz to 30 MHz in 100 Hz steps
Basic Accuracy: 0.1% basic accuracy
Measurement Time: High-speed measurements: 30 ms/meas.
Constant V or I test signal level
10 A DC bias with the 42841A
List sweep measurement capability
Option 002 Interface allows the Agilent precision LCR meter to control the Agilent 42841A bias current source. This option cannot be operated simultaneously with Option 4285A-001.

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