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Analyzers > Communications Analyzers > FIREBERD 8000 ADVR-CLK-DPH Data Communication Analyzer by Acterna

FIREBERD 8000 ADVR-CLK-DPH Data Communication Analyzer

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Product Description & Specs

TThe newest evolution of the FIREBERD family, the FIREBERD 8000 (FB-8000), is designed to meet the needs of users installing and maintaining data communications circuits and network elements. The FB-8000 provides test functionality for a wide variety of technologies, including RS-232/V.24, EIA-530, V.35/306, RS-449/V.36, X.21, MIL-188C, MIL-188-114, and conditioned diphase. Supported applications of the FB-8000 include verifying end-to-end circuit continuity and throughput, emulating datacomm network elements (DTE/DCE), and verifying Quality of Service (QoS). Building on the success of the Acterna Test Pad platform, the addition of the FB-8000 allows users to easily migrate from datacomm to OC-192/48 and Ethernet technologies, support battery operation, and enjoy the size of a handheld tester all in one instrument.

Datacomm interfaces in one test module for ANSI and ETSI standards
Government standards support for MIL-188Cand MIL-188-114
Synchronous/Asynchronous and DTE/DCE modes of operation
Virtual breakout box functionality allowing complete flow-control troubleshooting, with user-controllable signaling leads (CTS, RTS, DTR, RLSD, and DSR)
Diphase Interface Module for testing Diphase and Conditioned Diphase circuits up to 4608kb/s
REQUIRES Test Pad 2000-V6 (415563)
Native datacomm interfaces for EIA-530, RS-449 (422 and 423), RS-232, X.21, V.35, and V.36 serial interfaces
Interface module slot for conditioned diphase and expandability to new technologies
A full suite of BER patterns with data-rate support up to 18 Mbps
Native test connectors for 15-, 25-, and 37-pin datacomm interfaces mean no need for custom adapter cables
The Clock Recover option enables the FB8000 to recover timing from Synchronous signals up to 520kb/s.
Options Installed:
ADVR - Advanced Datacomm Results:
This option includes the following 2 features:
Using the Phase Graph feature, you can set up the Fireberd 8000 to display phase relationships for the RX clock, RX data, ST clock, T clock, and TX data signals. You can also save and manually print the Phase Graph results at any time.
CLK - Clock Recovery:
Using this option, when you set up the Fireberd 8000 to use synchronous timing, you can recover the receive timing clock from the receive data (R, or RD) signal lead of the interface.
DHP - Conditioned Di-phase Interface Module:
Provides the connectors required to test systems or equipment using conditioned diphase modulation. After connecting the interface module to the Fireberd 8000, you can use the unit to test circuits using conditioned diphase or Manchester encoding.


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