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AC Power Supplies > AC Sources > 2750L-1PT-HV Programmable AC Power Source 3KVA 0 - 156 / 312VA by California Instruments

2750L-1PT-HV Programmable AC Power Source 3KVA 0 - 156 / 312VA

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Product Description & Specs

The L Series consist of a range of AC Power Source products with output power levels from 833 VA to 30 kVA. Using high frequency PWM technology, these units provide precision AC power in single, dual (split) or three phase configurations.

All L Series units use dual voltage ranges and programmable current limits to protect the unit under test. Standard voltage ranges of 135 and 270 Volt rms are typical but optional output range options offer voltage ranges up to 400 V rms. The complete solid state, high switching speed PWM architecture of the L Series ensures low noise and low distortion output over a wide range of power levels.
Controller Capabilities
The L Series uses a modular plug-in controller approach that enables several controllers with different feature levels to be selected. For simple manual operation, the -M controller provides rotary knobs for setting voltage and frequency. Both front panel and computer control is available using one of the -P or -PT controller options. Units equipped with -P or -PT controller options also offer built in measurement functions. The following controller options are available for the L Series.

All programmable controllers offer output measurement functions for voltage, rms current, power, power factor, phase (three phase systems) and frequency. Three phase models can be used in single phase mode by adding the -MODE option which allows automatic switching between single and three phase modes from both the front panel and the IEEE-488 bus.

Programmable controllers also include a standard IEEE-488 remote control interface and a Windows <sup>TM</sup> Graphical User Interface (GUI) for PC control.
Single phase, three phase and split phase configurations
Mode option allows switching between single and three phase output
Output frequency range up to 5000 Hz.
Full output VA with 0 to 1 power factor
High peak current capability with up to 9:1 crest factor
Panel height between 5.25" and 31.5" based on power level
Efficiency 75% typical or better. Generates less heat and consumes less power
Abbreviated Plain English (APE) programming language support and free Windows <sup>TM</sup> application software
Optional MIL-STD704 and RTCA-DO160C test firmware

2750L 1PT HV

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