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Impedance Measurement (R,L,C,Q,D) > Milli & Micro Ohmmeters > 4300B TL-488 Programmable Digital Micro-Ohmmeter 100 nOhm-20 kO by Valhalla

4300B TL-488 Programmable Digital Micro-Ohmmeter 100 nOhm-20 kO

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Product Description & Specs

The 4300B Digital ?-Ohmmeter quickly and accurately measures a wide variety of low resistance devices ranging in value from 100n? to 20k?. The flexible measurement format of the 4300B provides six ranges of user selectable test current (from .1mA to 10A) and three voltage sensitivity settings (20mV, 200mV and 2V). The unit's 4? digit resistance readings are displayed on a high contrast LCD display and are optionally available via optional BCD, RS-232 or GPIB interface. Features of the 4300B include: four terminal compensation, a very low 2m? range, selectable test current levels (up to 10 amps), a fast settling charge inductor mode, safety disconnect status indicators, automatic temperature compensation, a basic accuracy of ?0.03% and a push button or GPIB controlled current on/off selector.
User Selectable Test Current Up to 10 Amps.
Boosted Compliance Voltage Mode For Rapid Charging of Motors and Transformers.
Safety Disconnect Status L.E.D.s.
Test Current On/Off Switch.
Selectable Voltage Sensitivity:1?V-10?V-100?V
18 Combinations of Voltage Sense/Current provide optimum measurement conditions

4300B TL 488

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