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DC Power Supplies > DC Power Supplies > DHP100-30 DC Power Supply 0 - 100V 0 - 30A Digital Switchin by Sorensen

DHP100-30 DC Power Supply 0 - 100V 0 - 30A Digital Switchin

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Product Description & Specs

The DHP family provides models ranging in output power from 5 kW to 20 kW in a single chassis. Programmable output voltages range from 5V to 400 VDC, delivering up to 3,000 amperes. This family has two operational modes, constant-voltage and constant-current.

The DHP family uses control technology that allows 9 auto sequence steps, each step can be up to 99,999 seconds in duration. Combining all the steps allows a maximum auto-step program 27.7 hours long. Various voltages, currents and durations can be programmed for each step.

This family has standard analog and a variety of combinations of IEEE-488.2, RS 232 and/or isolated analog input control interface options.
Key Features

Modular Design : The series has a unique modular design that results in three rackmount profiles according to output power
Unique Controls and Commands
- Power-Off Memory: Enabling the input power and pushing the LAST SET button will restore the supply settings
- External Shutdown: An external shut down to inhibit the output
- Up/down arrows control voltages,
step changes and current
Digital Displays
- Power supply rating
- Output power, voltage and current
- All power, voltage and current set points and limits
- Present and highest AC input voltage
- Present and highest air inlet temperature
- Power and auto-step sequence settings
- Calibration set-up
- Remote operation set-up
- Diagnostics fault status summary
Protection and Safety
- Safe Power-Up: In the local mode, the output is disabled for additional safety at power up
- Front Panel Lockout: Most front panel controls are disabled when operated remotely
- Overvoltage, over-temperature, surge limit, soft start, brown out and short circuit protection current limit fold back.

DHP100 30

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