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Impedance Measurement (R,L,C,Q,D) > Milli & Micro Ohmmeters > LR2000 Milliohmmeter 1µO - 2MO 0.05% Accuracy by Quadtech

LR2000 Milliohmmeter 1µO - 2MO 0.05% Accuracy

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Product Description & Specs

The LR2000 Milliohmmeter with its LCD display and menu-type front
panel programming assures that low resistance measurements on switches,
relays, cables, and other devices can be made quickly and easily. With a
basic accuracy of 0.05% the instrument offers a wide measurement range
from 1?ohm to 2Mohms. For remote operation and production applications
the unit comes standard with an RS-232 interface, plus IEEE-488 and
handler interfaces are available as options. For measurement integrity,
contact to the test device is made via a 4-terminal Kelvin connection that
incorporates an automatic zeroing function to compensate for lead errors.
· 1?? - 2M? Measurement Range
· 1?A - 1A Constant Current
· 0.05% Basic Measurement Accuracy
· Measurement Speed to 15/second
· Graphical LCD Display
· Four Terminal Kelvin Connection
· Automatic Zeroing
· Automatic Hi/Lo Comparator Limits
· Pass/Fail Sorting (8 Bins)
· Voltage Limiting for Dry Contact Testing
· Signal Reverse & Pulsed Current Modes
· Keypad Lockout
· Programmable Delay Times
· RS-232 Interface Standard
· IEEE & Handler Interfaces, Optional
· Temperature Compensation Interface, Optional

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