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Analyzers > Network Analyzers > ZVC62 B2-B4-B5-B7-K9-B16 8GHz Network Analyzer by Rohde & Schwarz

ZVC62 B2-B4-B5-B7-K9-B16 8GHz Network Analyzer

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Product Description & Specs

The Rohde & Schwarz, Inc. ZVC62 network analyzer is an instrument which measures the complex transmission and reflection characteristics of two-port devices in the frequency domain. It does this by sampling the incident signal, separating the transmitted and reflected waves, and then performing ratios that are directly related to the reflection and transmission coefficients of the two-port. Frequency is swept to rapidly obtain amplitude and phase information over a band of frequencies of interest.

Rohde & Schwarz, Inc. ZVC62 network analyzers utilize synthesized-frequency sources to provide a known test stimulus that can sweep across a range of frequencies or power levels. Rohde & Schwarz, Inc. ZVC62 network analyzers also can perform ratioed measurements (including phase), which require multiple receivers. The Rohde & Schwarz, Inc. ZVC62 can provide a wealth of knowledge about a device under test (DUT), including its magnitude, phase, and group-delay response.
Excellent dynamic range: >130 dB (IF bandwidth 10 Hz)
Low inherent noise : <-130 dBm (measurement bandwidth 3 kHz)
Broad frequency range for universal use: 20 kHz to 8 GHz (ZVCE, ZVC)
High measurement speed: <125 ?s/point (normalized) <240 ?s/point (fully calibrated)
Fast data transfer via IEC/IEEE bus: Transfer time <15ms (200 points)
High sweep rate: >>25 sweeps/s (200 points)
Manual calibration techniques: TOM, TRM, TRL, TNA, TOM-X, TOSM
Automatic calibration AutoKal: Compatibility with PC, CAE
Internal PC with Windows NT operating system suitable for PC applications

ZVC62 B2 B4 B5 B7 K9 B16

E-mail or call us at 800-582-8378 for more information.

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