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AC Power Supplies > AC Sources > ACP-3X750-01 Programmable AC Power Source 2250VA 3-Phase 45 - 2 by Behlman/Invar

ACP-3X750-01 Programmable AC Power Source 2250VA 3-Phase 45 - 2

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Product Description & Specs

Behlman ACP Series programmable AC power sources deliver pure, clean, linear power. Provides 2250VA of power at output frequencies from 45Hz to 2500Hz. The ACP Series combines highly advanced magnetics with solid state circuitry and computer programmability.

Programming is accomplished via a front panel keyboard or through a built-in GPIB interface. ACP series units allow for programming of simulated events such as voltage dropouts, transients and surges, and provide truly independent measurements of output while tests are in progress. A feedback system in the power amplifier ensures tight regulation and low distortion. Built-in test(BIT) circuits continuously perform fault monitoring and diagnostic self tests. Sophisticated electronic overload is removed.
Typical 200% peak short term current capability; up to 120% of rated current output for maximum of one half hour.
Electronic overload and short circuit protection with automatic instantaneous recovery when overload is removed.
100% rated power output available into any power factor load - unity to zero, leading or lagging.
Actual measurements reported over IEEE488 interface and on front panel display.
Event programming optionally simulates line dropouts, transients and surges.
Built in measurement capability eliminates need for external support equipment.
Independent or simultaneous control of 3 phase voltages.
Microprocessor based, crystal referenced, synthesized sinewave with 0.005% accuracy.

Rated Output: 2250VA (750VA/phase); 7.5 amps 135 volt range; 3.8 amps 270 volt range.
Output Frequency: 45 to 2500Hz
Regulation: ?0.5% load; ?0.1% line
Distortion: 1.0% maxTHD

ACP 3X750 01

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