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Phase > Synchros & Resolvers > 8810 02 Programmable Angle Position Indicator GPIB by North Atlantic

8810 02 Programmable Angle Position Indicator GPIB

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Product Description & Specs

Based on North Atlantic Instruments Trig-Logic processor the Model 8810 truly represents a major step forward in Synchro/Resolver to digital converter technology. With a resolution of 0.001? this full tracking type II servo converter can track without velocity error to 200?/sec. The Model 8810 has front panel controls and input terminations while retaining the rear I/O and programming of the model 8800.

Two pushbutton front-panel selectable input channels are provided. In the remote mode, the user can program the desired input channel. BCD outputs, data freeze and converter busy signals are standard features making the unit ideal for ATE applications requiring "hands-off operation". A bright, easy to read, 0.55" Plasma Display makes the unit an easy to read instrument even in bright light.

0.001? Resolution
0.004? Accuracy
Auto line-to-line select
Standard 360-1200Hz Frequency Range
Phase Sensitive Detection
Autophase Correction
Dimensions 12.5" L x 9.5" W x 3.5" H

Display is 0 to 359.999?
Frequency range is 360 to 1200Hz.

E-mail or call us at 800-582-8378 for more information.

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