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Impedance Measurement (R,L,C,Q,D) > Hipots > HD140-A AC-DC Hipot 0-40KV by Hipotronics

HD140-A AC-DC Hipot 0-40KV

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Product Description & Specs

The HD100 Series AC/DC Hipots are accurate, durable instruments designed to perform hipot tests on all types of electrical products, system, and components. They are simple to operate and designed for use by unskilled or semi-skilled personnel in production testing.
The AC/DC output configuration eliminates the need for purchasing separate AC and DC
hipots. Output connected voltmeter ensures accurate voltage measurements regardless of
output loading. They are capable of testing to most industry specifications such as UL, CSA, VDE, IEC, and MIL for dielectric withstand testing.

* Continuously adjustable test voltage from zero to rated voltage
* Shielded output cable
* Adjustable Overload from 10 to 110% of rated current output
* Audible/Visual alarms provide a clear indication of overload situation
* Zero start interlock ensures that the voltage control is at zero before HV can be energized
* Shorting solenoid grounds output cable and object under test

Output Voltage: 0-15.5kV ac; 0-40.0kV dc
DC Output Voltage: Negative output, positive ground
Metering: 4.5" analog meters, ?2% full scale accuracy
Voltmeter: 0-8.0/16.0/40.0kV
Current Meter: 0-50/500/5000?A DC and 0-5mA AC
Dimensions: 21"W x 20"D x 11"H (53cm x 51cm x 28cm)
Weights Net: 82lbs (37kg)

HD140 A

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