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235302 Tool / Appliance Tester

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Product Description & Specs

The Tool and Appliance Tester combines, in one portable instrument, the three most frequently specified electrical safety tests for tools and appliances. In conformance to UL and ANSI test requirements, the instrument performs test of ground continuity, leakage current, and electrical insulation. It also checks the nameplate current rating of the device.
* Full conformance to latest UL and ANSI test requirements.
* Meter reading not just good/bad indications.
* Test procedures color-coded in sequence on front panel for ease of use.
* Ground check bypass switch permits testing of two-wire or double-insulated devices.
* Removable lid with metal tray holds device under test.
* Heavy-duty case with carrying strap.
* Front-panel NEMA 5-15 output receptacle, with adapters available to convert to a 20-ampere plug or twist lock up to 30-amperes.
Ground Check: 25A; 3 volt, 60Hz; 0.1 ohm failure threshold
Leakage Test: 0 to 10mA AC with .01mA sensitivity
Insulation Breakdown Test: 0 to 3000VAC; .3 to 12mA current trip
Operational Test: 0 to 15 Amps AC

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