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Electrical Safety & Compliance > Dielectric Test Sets > 6000 Electrical Safety Analyzer 5KVAC 6KVDC 50Gohm 30A by Quadtech

6000 Electrical Safety Analyzer 5KVAC 6KVDC 50Gohm 30A

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Product Description & Specs

The Guardian 6000 Electrical Safety Analyzer performs AC and DC hipot (hy-pot), insulation resistance, ground bond (continuity) and leakage current measurements for a complete dielectric testing solution. A fully automated tester, the 6000 performs both high voltage electrical safety tests including dielectric withstand and dielectric breakdown and high current ground bond tests in accordance with the requirements of UL 60950 and other product safety compliance standards.

AC Hipot: Programmable Voltage 50 to 5000VAC, Leakage Current to 40mA
DC Hipot: Programmable Voltage 50 to 6000VDC, Leakage Current to 12mA
Insulation Resistance: 100k? to 50G?, Test Voltage 50 to 1000VDC
Ground Bond: Programmable Current to 30A, R Measurement to 510m?
Twin Port -- Simultaneous Hipot and Ground Bond Testing
Open/Short Circuit Detection Mode
Programmable Hi/Lo Limits for Pass/Fail Testing
Ability to Perform Multiple Tests in Sequence
Internal Storage and Recall of 100 Test Setups, 50 Steps Each
Programmable Ramp, Dwell and Test Times
Front Panel Lockout Prevents Changes to the Test Setup
Automatic Offset to Zero Out Residual Current
Fast Cutoff and Quick Discharge of Device Under Test
RS-232 and I/O Interfaces Included Standard
IEEE-488 and Printer Interfaces Optional
Pause Mode Allows the Operator to Change Device Connection and Continue
Built-In Operator Prompted Software Calibration Routine
Front and Rear Panel Output Connections
40 Ground Bond Testing with Optional Transformer
Multi-Point Testing with Optional Internal Scanner and/or External Scanners
CaptivATE Automation Software for G6000 Plus; Optional
CE, TUV Marked

Option 03 - Plug-in scanner module with 8 channels for switching high voltage output from the tester. For use with Guardian 6000 and plugs into the instruments rear panel.

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