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Meters > DMM's > 9200B 01B-03 Programmable RF Millivoltmeter 2-Channel GPIB by Boonton Electronics

9200B 01B-03 Programmable RF Millivoltmeter 2-Channel GPIB

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Product Description & Specs

The Boonton 9200B is a microprocessor based RF voltmeter with unique features which make it useful for systems requirements, as well as for manual operation. The microprocessor, together with a stored program memory and a separate non-volatile memory, results in performance features and operating conveniences not previously available.
Voltage Range: 200?V to 3V (to 300V with optional divider). 8 ranges
Frequency Range: 10Hz - 2.5GHz
True RMS response below 30mV (to 3V with 100:1 divider)
High impedance probe and accessories for measurements in 50 ohm or 75 ohm systems to 1.2GHz, terminated or thru-line
Optional 50 ohm terminated sensor to 2.5GHz with readout in voltage or power
Optional low frequency probe for measurements between 10Hz and 100MHz
Display in mV, dBm, dBr, dBmV, dBV, dBW, or x 100

Included options: 01B provides GPIB and 03 provides a second input channel

9200B 01B 03

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