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Analyzers > Communications Analyzers > FIREBERD 8000 CLK Handheld Communications Analyzer by Acterna

FIREBERD 8000 CLK Handheld Communications Analyzer

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Product Description & Specs

The newest evolution of the FIREBERD family, the FIREBERD 8000 (FB-8000), is designed to meet the needs of users installing and maintaining data communications circuits and network elements. The FB-8000 provides test functionality for a wide variety of technologies, including RS-232/V.24, EIA-530, V.35/306, RS-449/V.36, X.21, MIL-188C, MIL-188-114, and conditioned diphase. Supported applications of the FB-8000 include verifying end-to-end circuit continuity and throughput, emulating datacomm network elements (DTE/DCE), and verifying Quality of Service (QoS). Building on the sucess of the Acterna TestPad platform, the addition of the FB-8000 allows users to easily migrate from datacomm to OC-192/48 and Ethernet technologies, support battery operation, and enjoy the size of a handheld tester all in one instrument.


Datacomm interfaces in one test module for ANSI and ETSI standards

Government standards support for MIL-188Cand MIL-188-114

Synchronous/Asynchronous and DTE/DCE modes of operation

Virtual breakout box functionality allowing complete flow-control troubleshooting, with user-controllable signaling leads (CTS, RTS, DTR, RLSD, and DSR)

Diphase Interface Module for testing Diphase and Conditioned Diphase circuits up to 4608kb/s

REQUIRES TestPad 2000-V6 (415563)

Native datacomm interfaces for EIA-530, RS-449 (422 and 423), RS-232, X.21, V.35, and V.36 serial interfaces

Interface module slot for conditioned diphase and expandability to new technologies

A full suite of BER patternswith data-rate support up to 18 Mbps

Native test connectors for 15-, 25-, and 37-pin datacomm interfaces mean no need for custom adapter cables

The Clock Recover option enables the FB8000 to recover timing from Synchronous signals up to 520kb/s.

E-mail or call us at 800-582-8378 for more information.

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