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Generators > Signal Generators & Oscillators > SMP04 B1-B2-B5-B11-B12-B13-B14 Microwave Signal Generator 10MHz - 40GHz by Rohde & Schwarz

SMP04 B1-B2-B5-B11-B12-B13-B14 Microwave Signal Generator 10MHz - 40GHz

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Product Description & Specs

The Microwave Signal Generator R&S SMP is a reliable, high-precision signal source featuring high output power, high spectral purity and excellent pulse modulation. It is able to supply different modulations for any measurement on radar and communication equipment. A wide range of options ensures universal use in R&D, production, EMC and environmental measurements as well as in material testing.

Optional pulse modulator and pulse generator

Digital RF, AF and level sweep

Storage of 50 complete instrument setups

Optional phase modulator

ASK/FSK modulation, phase offset settings

Extremely low SSB phase noise at 10 GHz (<--105 dBc (1 Hz) at 10 kHz from carrier)

Very short frequency setting time <11 ms + 5 ms/GHz

Extremely high level accuracy <?0.9 dB at 0 dBm in frequency range 10 MHz to 40 GHz


SMP-B1 - OCXO Reference Oscillator

SM-B2 - LF Generator

SM-B5 -- FM / pM Modulator

SMP-B11 - Frequency Extension

SMP-B12 - Pulse Modulator

SMP-B13 - Pulse Modulator

SMP-B14 - Pulse Generator

SMP04 B1 B2 B5 B11 B12 B13 B14

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