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Lightwave > Lightwave Components & Polarizers > TKT-UNICAM-CTS Connector Installation Tool Kit with Continuity T by Corning

TKT-UNICAM-CTS Connector Installation Tool Kit with Continuity T

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Product Description & Specs

&#183; UniCam<sup>(R)</sup> Connector installations
&#183; Local area networks (LANs), including main cross-connect,
telecommunications room and telecommunications enclosures
&#183; Fiber-to-the-desk
&#183; Data centers
The standard UniCam Connector Installation Tool Kit
(TKT-UNICAM) is a basic installation tool kit and can be
used to terminate all single- and 2-fiber UniCam Connector
styles (SC, LC, ST compatible, FC and MT-RJ connectors).
UniCam Pretium-Performance Multimode Connectors (SC,
LC and ST compatible) can achieve Pretium-performance
with the use of this tool.
The UniCam Connector Installation Tool Kit with Continuity
Test Set (TKT-UNICAM-CTS) provides a visual feedback
feature when terminating UniCam SC, LC, ST Compatible or
MT-RJ Connectors. Useful for reducing scrap rates or for
training new installers, the TKT-UNICAM-CTS is very popular,
since the installer can watch for the red glow in the back
of the connector to dim or disappear. This indicates that the
field fiber is inserted properly in the connector.


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