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Television & Video > NTSC / PAL Generators > TSG170D Digital Composite NTSC Generator by Tektronix

TSG170D Digital Composite NTSC Generator

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Product Description & Specs

The TSG170D Digital Composite NTSC Generator is suitable for both the operation and maintenance of NTSC composite digital television equipment. The TSG-170D provides test signals and audio tone in both digital and analog form plus an analog black burst for equipment synchronization. The TSG-170D uses 10-Bit, 4 FSC digital test signal generation. The digital test signal data is converted to analog with a precision digital to analog converter. This ensures signal accuracy and long-term stability. The TSG-170D test signal complement includes: SMPTE Color Bars ; Convergence ; Pulse & Bar with Window; Multiburst; 5-Step Luminance Staircase; Luminance Ramp; Modulated Ramp; Selectable 10% or 90; APL; Bounce; 10 and 100 IRE Flat Fields; Red Field; Multibars; NTC 7 Composite; System Test Matrix; Monitor Setup Matrix; 5 MHz Line Sweep; Multipulse.

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