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Meters > Phase Angle Voltmeters / Indicators > 2251 Digital Analyzing Phase Angle Voltmeter by North Atlantic

2251 Digital Analyzing Phase Angle Voltmeter

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Product Description & Specs

The Model 2251 is the latest Phase Angle Voltmeter product of North Atlantic Industries, who in 1955, created the first Phase Angle Voltmeter.
Also known as the Digital Analyzing Voltmeter, it is modeled after the popular Model 2250. It incorporates its most used functions at a lower price while sacrificing some frequency bandwidth and accuracy. The instrument employs a microprocessor-based design, utilizing Fast-Fourier Transform techniques that combine many of the capabilities of today's network/waveform analyzers in a digital voltmeter configuration. Designed for the Synchro/Resolver and LVDT/RVDT marketplace, this Phase Angle Voltmeter accurately makes measurements of Phase Angle, In-Phase, Quadrature, Fundamental and Total, as well as impedance, power and harmonics. Isolated inputs allow null, ratio and gain measurements of key parameters and a reference phase offset facilitates bridging measurements. A sensitive null meter is included for precise nulling. The instrument is unusually "user friendly".
Unlike menu driven Instruments, simply by pressing individual switches on the front panel, you can access a wide number of functions. Functions accessed by a single touch include:
Total, Fundamental, In-phase and Quadrature voltage and Phase Angle measurements
Reference phase offset from the Signal by up to 360?
Highly accurate Ratio measurements in both phase-sensitive and voltage modes
Individual Voltage Ranges & Full Autorange
Local & Remote IEEE, GPIB Programming
The instrument Calibrates itself.
At turn-on or frequency change, the instrument automatically initiates a self-calibration sequence. This checks critical performance criteria and makes internal adjustments that maximize accuracy. This sequence can be initiated by the user at any time. Long term accuracy and stability is thus assured.
? 0.05 % Phase Angle and ratio accuracy
30 Hz to 54 kHz frequency response
Full Feature Display
IEEE Interface Standard
Voltage Resolution 4 1/2 Digits
Phase Angle Resolution 0.01?
Frequency Display Resolution 3 digits
Self Calibrating
Multi-Function, High Accuracy, Digital Analyzing Phase Angle Voltmeter(PAV)
Replacement for obsolete models 212, 213, 214 & 321
Rack Mountable & Bench Top
6 Inch Bi-Polar Nullmeter

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