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DC Power Supplies > High Voltage Sources > WG30R10 High Voltage Power Supply 0-30kV 0-10mA 300 Watts by Glassman

WG30R10 High Voltage Power Supply 0-30kV 0-10mA 300 Watts

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Voltage: 30000
Amperage: 0.01
VA: 0.03

Product Description & Specs

·Light weight, compact
·Low stored energy, for maximum personnel/ equipment safety
·Adjustable current limits, output surge-limiting resistors provide additional margins of safety
·Primary contactor -- additional safety feature, prevents self tern-on after power outage
·Off-the-line configuration results in full load efficiency better then 75% - low internal dissipation, very high reliability
·Stable, high frequency, ferrite-core transformer switching regulator design -minimizes power loss.
·Remote and front panel monitoring and programming of both dc and output voltage and current.
·Regulation better than 0.005% - line and load.
·Less than 3 msec recovery for 50% load transient.

E-mail or call us at 800-582-8378 for more information.

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