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Impedance Measurement (R,L,C,Q,D) > RLC Bridges / Meters > 3322 LCZ Meter by Keithley

3322 LCZ Meter

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Product Description & Specs

MODEL 3322 Features:
·0.1% accuracy
·Low cost
·Automatic function and equivalent circuit selection
·Binning and deviation capability
·Eleven frequencies in 1,2,5 steps to 100kHz.
·Front panel setup memory

This instrument is for precision component or circuit testing in R&D labs, component test labs, inspection, qualification and reliability labs, and on the production line. It is very easy to use, cost effective, and provide accurate measurements of L, C, or IZI and 0, along with D, 0, G, or ESR. The Model 3322 also directly reads R and X, and has a % deviation and binning function.
High Precision
4 ? -digit resolution, and 0.1 basic accuracy. D and (Z resolution is 0.0001, and phase resolution is 0.01". This instrument provide top-of-the-line lab accuracy combined with low cost and easy operation.
Automatic Settings
This instrument has automatic selection of function and equivalent circuits. In the AUTO mode, no knowledge of any controls is required; operation is literally as simple as connecting the DUT and reading the L,C, or IZI and 0 of the DUT. Any time additional information is desired, easily understood front panel controls may be used. Additionally, the Model 3322 has battery backed-up memory to store ten front panel control settings.
Selectable Test Frequency and Voltage
The Model 3322 has 11 test frequencies up to 100kHz. It has selectable 1V or 50mV AC test voltages, permitting components to be tested at small signal levels or with minimum noise.
Built-In DC Bias
A 2V bias source is built in for electrolytic capacitor and semiconductor test. Externally supplied voltages up to 35V may also be used.
% Deviation and Binning
It also has the capability to read % deviation from a preset value, and identify which of up to 20 preset "bins" into which the measured value of a DUT falls.
Measurement Speed
The Model 3322 has selection of FAST (to 64ms per measurement), MED or SLOW reading rates. Manual trigger, with a delay time of 0 to 199.9s, may also be used. It has built-in IEEE-488 interface for computer control and data collection.

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