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AC Power Supplies > AC Sources > MAC-01H MOS-01 AC Power Source 1KVA 0 - 130 / 260V 8 /4 A 20Hz - by Compact Power Co

MAC-01H MOS-01 AC Power Source 1KVA 0 - 130 / 260V 8 /4 A 20Hz -

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Product Description & Specs

POWER FACTOR: Stable, full output voltage and current without derating into any reactive load with power factor from unity to zero, leading or lagging. Titan power supplies cannot drive asymmetrical current loads such as half-wave rectifiers.
LINE REGULATION: ? .05% of full output for ? 10% line change.
0.1% @ 125 Vrms, 0 to I (max), 45 HZ - 5 KHZ
1% @ 125 Vrms, 0 to I (max), 5 KHZ - 10 KHZ
1% @ 10 Vrms, 0 to I (max), 45 HZ - 1 KHZ
FREQUENCY RANGE: Full output 45 HZ to 15 KHZ, derate to 100 Vrms maximum from 15 KHZ to 20 KHZ for approximately 50% of specified VA level. Not recommended for use below 45 HZ.
HARMONIC DISTORTION: 45 HZ to 3 KHZ < 1%, 3 KHZ to 20 KHZ < 3% for linear, resistive load.
OUTPUT NOISE: 60 db below full output at full rated power output.
INTERFACE: Output available on front panel from either the five-way color-coded binding posts or standard NEMA #5-15R (0-130 Vrms) or NEMA #6-15R (0-260Vrms) receptacles. Output is also available at rear-mounted terminal block. Caution, hazardous voltage can exist on all output terminals!
OVERLOAD PROTECTION: Outputs are completely overload and short-circuit protected.
MONITORING: Full digital panel-meter monitoring of frequency, voltage and current is available with MOS-01/-01A manual oscillator plug-in.

MAC 01H MOS 01

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