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Amplifiers > RF Solid State Amplifiers > EPA-102 Linear Amplifier DC - 300KHz by Piezo Systems Inc

EPA-102 Linear Amplifier DC - 300KHz

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Product Description & Specs

The EPA-102 is a high voltage (?200 Vp), high current (? 200 mA), and high frequency (DC to 250 KHz) amplifier designe to drive higher capacitive capacitive loads, such as ultrasonic devices, at high frequencies.

The ability of an amplifier to drive a piezo device statically is determined by its voltage capability and stability. Its ability to drive a piezo device dynamically is determined by the capacitance of the actuator, the voltage to which it must be driven, and the number of times it must be charged and discharged per second. These establish the current, voltage, and frequency requirements of the amplifier.

Frequency range (kHz) DC to 300
Output power (W peak) 40
Max. voltage (V peak) ? 200
Max. current (mA peak) ? 200
Voltage gain 20
Slew rate (V/?s) 30
Maximum input voltage (V) ?10

EPA 102

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