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Calibration Equipment
 PG506Calibration GeneratorRequest a Quote
SG5030Programmable Leveled Sine Wave GeneratorRequest a Quote
 TG501Time Mark GeneratorRequest a Quote
 TG501ATime Mark GeneratorRequest a Quote
Computer Related Equipment
 50M10Analog-to-Digital Coverter CardRequest a Quote
 50M30Digital Input / Output CardRequest a Quote
 50M40Data Acquisition CardRequest a Quote
 50M41Low-level Scanner CardRequest a Quote
 73A270VXI Arbitrary Serial Pulse/pattern Generator 2chRequest a Quote
 MI5010Multifunction Interface MainframeRequest a Quote
 MX5010Interface ExtenderRequest a Quote
 SI5010Programmable ScannerRequest a Quote
 VX4801VXI 48 Channel Isolated Digital I/O ModuleRequest a Quote
DC Power Supplies
1103"Tekprobe" Power SupplyRequest a Quote
PS5004Precision Power Supply ModuleRequest a Quote
 1101Probe Power SupplyRequest a Quote
 1101AProbe Power SupplyRequest a Quote
 AM501Operational AmplifierRequest a Quote
PS2510GProgrammable Power Supply 0-36v 0-3.5aRequest a Quote
 PS2521GTriple Output Programmable Power SupplyRequest a Quote
 PS280Triple Power Supply 0-±30v 0-2A [email protected] TrackingRequest a Quote
 PS501-2Power Supply ModuleRequest a Quote
 PS5010Programmable Triple Power SupplyRequest a Quote
 PS503ATriple Power SupplyRequest a Quote
Frequency Counters
DC510Universal Counter Module 350MHzRequest a Quote
 CMC2511.3GHz Multifunction CounterRequest a Quote
 DC501Frequency Counter ModuleRequest a Quote
 DC503AUniversal Counter/Timer ModuleRequest a Quote
 DC509Universal Counter / Timer Module DC - 135MHzRequest a Quote
1470Video NTSC Color Sync and Test Signal GeneratorRequest a Quote
147ANTSC Signal GeneratorRequest a Quote
AFG5101Arbitrary / Function Generator ModuleRequest a Quote
AFG5102Programmable Arbitrary/function GeneratorRequest a Quote
AWG2005Arbitrary Waveform GeneratorRequest a Quote
AWG2021 02-03-04Arbitrary Waveform GeneratorRequest a Quote
AWG2041 01-09Arbitrary Waveform Generator 1 GS/sRequest a Quote
FG50440 MHz Function GeneratorRequest a Quote
HFS9003-HFS9DG2Programmable Stimulus System with 4 OutputsRequest a Quote
SG5010Programmable OscillatorRequest a Quote
SG504Leveled Sine Wave GeneratorRequest a Quote
TSG100NTSC Test Signal GeneratorRequest a Quote
TSG111Pal Signal GeneratorRequest a Quote
TSG120Yc/NTSC Signal GeneratorRequest a Quote
TSG131APAL Multiformat Signal GeneratorRequest a Quote
 184Generator Time MarkRequest a Quote
 284Pulse GeneratorRequest a Quote
 7T11Sampling Sweep Unit 10ps /div - 12.4GHzRequest a Quote
 AFG2020Arbitrary Function GeneratorRequest a Quote
AFG320DuaLChannel Program Arbitrary Function GenertorRequest a Quote
AWG2041 01-03-091GS/sec Arbitrary Waveform GeneratorRequest a Quote

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