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642 - Digital Electrometer 580 1978 - Digital Micro-Ohmmeter Rechargeable Battery Pack 2016 - Total Harmonic Distortion 6.5-Digit DMM 9V Source
Keithley 642 - Digital Electrometer Keithley 580 1978 - Digital Micro-Ohmmeter Rechargeable Battery Pack Keithley 2016 - Total Harmonic Distortion 6.5-Digit DMM 9V Source

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427Current AmplifierRequest a Quote
Calibration Equipment
230Programmable Voltage SourceRequest a Quote
260Nanovolt SourceRequest a Quote
261Picoampere SourceRequest a Quote
262Low Thermal Voltage DividerRequest a Quote
236Source Measure UnitRequest a Quote
263Calibrator / SourceRequest a Quote
Computer Related Equipment
194AHigh Resolution DigitizerRequest a Quote
2700DMM / Precision Data Acquisition SystemRequest a Quote
2750DMM Data Acquisition Switching Datalogging SystemRequest a Quote
7001High Density Switch SystemRequest a Quote
7002High Density Switch SystemRequest a Quote
706System Scanner MainframeRequest a Quote
770240-Channel Differential Multiplexer Module Screw TRequest a Quote
 770840-Ch Diff Mux Module w/ Auto CJC and Screw TerminRequest a Quote
213Quad Voltage SourceRequest a Quote
2700 7700Model 2700/7700 Entry Level GPIB Data AcquisitionRequest a Quote
 7011SQuad 1x10 Multiplexer Card For 7001 Or 7002Request a Quote
 7012S4 X 10 Matrix CardRequest a Quote
 7013S20-Channel Isolated Switch CardRequest a Quote
 7020Digital I/O Interface CardRequest a Quote
 703730-Channel Single Pole Relay-Digital I/O CardRequest a Quote
705Scanner MainframeRequest a Quote
 7058Low Current Plug-In Switching Card for 7001 & 7002Request a Quote
 7059Low Voltage Switching CardRequest a Quote
 7062RF Switching CardRequest a Quote
 70674-wire Scanner CardRequest a Quote
 716420-Channel Scanner CardRequest a Quote
 7166Mercury Relay Scanner CardRequest a Quote
770020-channel Differential Multiplexer Module AutomaRequest a Quote
DC Power Supplies
220Programmable Current SourceRequest a Quote
225Current Source 100nA - 100mARequest a Quote
228Voltage / Current SourceRequest a Quote
2304High Speed Programmable Power Supply 0-20V 0-5ARequest a Quote
2304AHigh Speed Precision Power Supply 0-20V 0-5A 100Request a Quote
2306Dual-Channel Battery Charger / SimulatorRequest a Quote
237High Voltage Source-Measure UnitRequest a Quote
238Source Measure UnitRequest a Quote
247Power Supply 0 - 3KV 6mA Positive / NegativeRequest a Quote
224Programmable Current SourceRequest a Quote
 228AVoltage / Current SourceRequest a Quote
 2304 REMOTE READOUTRemote Readout For 2304ARequest a Quote
248Programmable High-Voltage DC Power Supply w/GPIB IRequest a Quote
428 PROGProgrammable Current AmplifierRequest a Quote
Environmental Chambers
740System Scanning ThermometerRequest a Quote
Frequency Counters
776-2.4GProgrammable Counter / Timer with Channel C 2.4GHzRequest a Quote
Impedance Measurement (R,L,C,Q,D)
3322LCZ MeterRequest a Quote
3330Programmable LCZ Meter 40Hz - 100KHzRequest a Quote
580Digital Micro-ohmmeterRequest a Quote
580 1978Digital Micro-Ohmmeter Rechargeable Battery PackRequest a Quote

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