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Impedance Measurement (R,L,C,Q,D)
4263ALCR MeterRequest a Quote
4263B 001-002LCR Meter 100Hz-100KHz GPIB Transformer MeasuremenRequest a Quote
 4275AMulti-frequency LCR MeterRequest a Quote
4284APrecision LCR MeterRequest a Quote
4284A 001-002Precision LCR Meter 20 Hz - 1 MHzRequest a Quote
 4284A 001-006Precision LCR MeterRequest a Quote
4284A 001-006-301Precision LCR Meter 20Hz - 1MHz .05% AccuracyRequest a Quote
4285APrecision LCR Meter 75 kHz to 30 MHzRequest a Quote
4285A 002Precision LCR Meter 75 kHz - 30 MHz with Bias CurrRequest a Quote
4286ALCR Meter 1MHz - 1GHzRequest a Quote
4291BImpedance/material AnalyzerRequest a Quote
4291B-001-002-1D5Impedance/material AnalyzerRequest a Quote
 4338ADigital MilliohmmeterRequest a Quote
4339BHigh Resistance MeterRequest a Quote
 4342A/01Q MeterRequest a Quote
4349A4-channel High Resistance MeterRequest a Quote
43961ARF Impedance Test KitRequest a Quote
 4800AVector Impedance MeterRequest a Quote
 E4916ACrystal Impedance/LCR MeterRequest a Quote
11890ALightwave CouplerRequest a Quote
70004AColor Display and MainframeRequest a Quote
70311AClock Module for 71603BRequest a Quote
70841B100mb/s-3 Gb/s Patern Generator ModuleRequest a Quote
70841B H50100mb/s-3 Gb/s Patern Generator ModuleRequest a Quote
70842B100mb/s-3 Gb/s Error Detector ModuleRequest a Quote
70842B 807Error Detector Module .1 - 1.5 Gb/sRequest a Quote
70842B H50Error Detector Module .05 - 3 Gb/sRequest a Quote
71452BOptical Spectrum AnalyzerRequest a Quote
71603BError Performance AnalyzerRequest a Quote
81531AOptical Power Sensor ModuleRequest a Quote
81536APower Sensor Module Ingaas 800 - 1700nmRequest a Quote
8153ALightwave Multimeter MainframeRequest a Quote
8157AOptical AttenuatorRequest a Quote
8158BOptical AttenuatorRequest a Quote
81633AOptical Power Sensor 800 - 1700nm +10 to -90dBmRequest a Quote
81656ALaser Source Module 13dBm 1550nm Single ModeRequest a Quote
81662ADistributed Feedback Laser SourceRequest a Quote
81663ADistributed Feedback Laser SourceRequest a Quote
81689ACompact Tunable Laser Module 1550nmRequest a Quote
8168BTunable LaserRequest a Quote
83403CLightwave Source Module 1550nm 6GHzRequest a Quote
83411CLightwave Receiver 1300 / 1550nmRequest a Quote
83430A 130Modulatble DFB Laser Source 1310nmRequest a Quote
83446ALightwave Clock / Data Receiver 2.48832 Gb/secRequest a Quote
83485B30 GHz Optical / 40 GHz Electrical Plug-InRequest a Quote
83493A2.5 Gb/s Single-Mode Clock Recovery Plug-InRequest a Quote
8509CPolarization AnalyzerRequest a Quote
86106A28 GHz Optical / 40 GHz Electrical Plug-InRequest a Quote
86111U 202-202Dual Optical 15GHz (Multimode, Unamplified) Plug-IRequest a Quote
E5574AOptical Loss AnalyzerRequest a Quote

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