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70004AColor Display and MainframeRequest a Quote
70311AClock Module for 71603BRequest a Quote
70841B100mb/s-3 Gb/s Patern Generator ModuleRequest a Quote
70841B H50100mb/s-3 Gb/s Patern Generator ModuleRequest a Quote
70842B100mb/s-3 Gb/s Error Detector ModuleRequest a Quote
70842B 807Error Detector Module .1 - 1.5 Gb/sRequest a Quote
70842B H50Error Detector Module .05 - 3 Gb/sRequest a Quote
70904ASpectrum Analyzer RF Section 100Hz - 2.9GHzRequest a Quote
71452BOptical Spectrum AnalyzerRequest a Quote
71603BError Performance AnalyzerRequest a Quote
83206ATIA/EIA-136 TDMA Cellular Adapter / Option 800Request a Quote
83220EDCS / PCS Test SetRequest a Quote
83236APCS InterfaceRequest a Quote
83236BPCS InterfaceRequest a Quote
83475BLightwave Communications AnalyzerRequest a Quote
83485B30 GHz Optical / 40 GHz Electrical Plug-InRequest a Quote
83494A10 Gb/s Single-Mode Clock Recovery Plug-In ModuleRequest a Quote
8406AFrequency Comb GeneratorRequest a Quote
84906LProgrammable Attenuator 40GHz 90dB 10dB StepsRequest a Quote
8496BStep AttenuatorRequest a Quote
8498AHigh Power Attenuator 25 Watt DC - 18GHz 30dBRequest a Quote
85021ADirectional BridgeRequest a Quote
85023A7mm Verification KitRequest a Quote
85024AHigh-Frequency ProbeRequest a Quote
 85025ACoaxial Detector .01 - 18GHzRequest a Quote
 85025A 001Detector 10 MHz to 18 GHz APC-7Request a Quote
85025ECoaxial Detector 10MHz - 26.5GHzRequest a Quote
8502A50 Ohm Transmission / Reflection Test SetRequest a Quote
85046AS-Parameter Test SetRequest a Quote
85046B75 Ohm S-Parameter Test SetRequest a Quote
85047AS-Parameter Test SetRequest a Quote
85051B7mm Verification KitRequest a Quote
8505ANetwork Analyzer SystemRequest a Quote
8510BSystem Network AnalyzerRequest a Quote
85131FTest Port Return Flexable Cable Set 3.5mm - 3.5mmRequest a Quote
8514AS-Parameter Test Set 500MHz - 18GHzRequest a Quote
8515AS-Parameter Test SetRequest a Quote
853ASpectrum Analyzer Display SectionRequest a Quote
85630AScalar Transmission / Reflection Test SetRequest a Quote
8563EC 006-026Spectrum Analyzer 30Hz - 26.5GHz 3.5mm ConnectorRequest a Quote
85640APortable Tracking Generator 300KHz - 2.9GHzRequest a Quote
85644ATracking Source 300KHz - 6.5GHzRequest a Quote
8566ABSpectrum AnalyzerRequest a Quote
8590BPortable Spectrum Analyzer 9KHz - 1.8GHz 1KHz 3Request a Quote
8591APortable Spectrum Analyzer 9KHz - 1.8GHz 1KHz 3Request a Quote
8592BPortable Spectrum AnalyzerRequest a Quote
85950AIntegrated Sweep Receiver / Spectrum AnalyzerRequest a Quote
85950A 85951A 010Integrated Sweep XMTR / Receiver Spectrum AnalyzerRequest a Quote
8595ESpectrum Analyzer 9KHz - 6.5GHzRequest a Quote
8595E 010-041-140Spectrum Analyzer 9KHz - 6.5GHzRequest a Quote

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