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Frequency Counters
 R752AWaveguide Directional Coupler 26.5 - 40GHz 3dBRequest a Quote
 R752DDirectional CouplerRequest a Quote
 R914BMoving Load 26.5GHz - 40GHz WR-28 .5 WattRequest a Quote
 S281AWaveguide To Coaxial AdapterRequest a Quote
 S382CS-band Rotary Vane AttenuatorRequest a Quote
 X281AWaveguide To AdaptorRequest a Quote
 X382AWaveguide Rotary Vane Attenuator 8 - 12GHzRequest a Quote
 X424ACrystal DetectorRequest a Quote
 X532AWaveguide Frequency Meter 8 - 12GHzRequest a Quote
 X532BDirect Reading Frequency MeterRequest a Quote
 X810BWaveguide X-Band Slotted Line SectionRequest a Quote
 X910BWG X-band Termination Low PwrRequest a Quote
11720APulse Modulator 2 - 18GHzRequest a Quote
209ASine / Square Wave OscillatorRequest a Quote
214BPulse Generator Rep Rate 10Hz - 10MHz Output 20Request a Quote
214B 001Pulse Generator Rep Rate 10Hz - 10MHz Output 20Request a Quote
33120AFunction / Arbitrary Waveform Generator 100uHz -Request a Quote
33120A 001Function / Arbitrary Waveform Generator 100uHz -Request a Quote
3314AMulti-Waveform Function GeneratorRequest a Quote
3324ASynthesized Function / Sweep GeneratorRequest a Quote
33250AFunction / Arbitrary Waveform Generator 80 MHzRequest a Quote
3325ASynthesizer / Function Generator 1uHz - 20.999 99Request a Quote
3325BSynthesizer / Function GeneratorRequest a Quote
3325B 001Synthesizer / Function Generator DC - 21MHzRequest a Quote
3325B 002Synthesizer / Function Generator DC - 21MHzRequest a Quote
3326ATwo-Channel Synthesizer DC - 13MHzRequest a Quote
3335ASynthesizer / Level Generator 200Hz - 80MHzRequest a Quote
70900ALocal OscillatorRequest a Quote
8012BPulse GeneratorRequest a Quote
8015APulse GeneratorRequest a Quote
8082AGenerator Pulse 250MHz DualRequest a Quote
81104A 2-81105APulse Pattern Generator 80MHz Dual-ChannelRequest a Quote
81104A 81105APulse Pattern Generator 80MHzRequest a Quote
8110A-81103A150MHz Pulse Generator Single ChannelRequest a Quote
8112AProgrammable Pulse GeneratorRequest a Quote
8116AProgrammable Pulse Function GeneratorRequest a Quote
8116A 001Programmable Pulse Function GeneratorRequest a Quote
8161APulse GeneratorRequest a Quote
8165AProgrammable Signal SourceRequest a Quote
8340ASynthesized Sweep Signal Generator 10MHz - 26.5GHRequest a Quote
8340BSynthesized Sweep GeneratorRequest a Quote
8350BSweep Oscillator MainframeRequest a Quote
8350B-83525A 002Sweep GeneratorRequest a Quote
8350B-83525B-002Sweep GeneratorRequest a Quote
8350B-83590A 002Sweep GeneratorRequest a Quote
8350B-83592A-002Sweep GeneratorRequest a Quote
83522ASweep Oscillator Plug-InRequest a Quote
83550ASweep Oscillator Plug-InRequest a Quote
 83554AMillimeter Source Module 26.5-40GHzRequest a Quote
83712B 1E1-1E5-1E8Synthesized CW Generator 10MHz - 20GHzRequest a Quote

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