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515A - Portable Calibrator 6060A - Synthesized Signal Generator 8808A - 5.5 Digital Bench Multimeter Dual-Display
Fluke 515A - Portable Calibrator Fluke 6060A - Synthesized Signal Generator Fluke 8808A - 5.5 Digital Bench Multimeter Dual-Display

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 1750Three-Phase Power Quality Recorder with 400A & 100Request a Quote
9010A 01Microcircuit TroubleshooterRequest a Quote
DSP100Digital CablemeterRequest a Quote
 435 003Three Phase Power Quality Analyzer Kit with CurrenRequest a Quote
 9000A-6800Interface PodRequest a Quote
9000A-68000Interface Pod (68000,68010 µp's)Request a Quote
 9000A-6802Interface PodRequest a Quote
 9000A-6809Interface Pod For The 6809 MicroprocessorRequest a Quote
 9000A-80186Interface Pod For 9010aRequest a Quote
 9000A-8048-8041Interface PodRequest a Quote
 9000A-8051Interface Pod 8051/8044Request a Quote
 9000A-8080Interface PodRequest a Quote
 9000A-8085Interface Pod (8085A / 8085A-2 µp's)Request a Quote
 9000A-8086Interface PodRequest a Quote
 9000A-8088Interface PodRequest a Quote
Calibration Equipment
515APortable CalibratorRequest a Quote
5220ATransconductance AmplifierRequest a Quote
540BThermal Transfer StandardRequest a Quote
5440BDirect Voltage CalibratorRequest a Quote
5450AResistance CalibratorRequest a Quote
 5700A 03Multifunction Calibrator with Wideband OptionRequest a Quote
715Volt / mA CalibratorRequest a Quote
720AKelvin-Varley Voltage DividerRequest a Quote
732ADC Reference StandardRequest a Quote
750AReference DC Voltage DividerRequest a Quote
Y5020AC / DC Current ShuntRequest a Quote
 335ADC Calibrator / VoltmeterRequest a Quote
 335DDC Voltage StandardRequest a Quote
5100AMultifunction CalibratorRequest a Quote
 5100BMultifunction CalibratorRequest a Quote
 5100B 03/05Calibrator With Wideband And GPIB OptionsRequest a Quote
5500AMeter CalibratorRequest a Quote
 5500A-COIL50 Turn Current CoilRequest a Quote
 5500A-SC300Multi-product CalibratorRequest a Quote
5700APrecision Meter CalibratorRequest a Quote
 5700A IIPrecision Multifunction Meter CalibratorRequest a Quote
5725ACalibrator AmplifierRequest a Quote
 721ALead CompensatorRequest a Quote
 752AReference Voltage DividerRequest a Quote
 845ARNull Detector / MicrovoltmeterRequest a Quote
 A55-05VThermal Transfer Standard 0.5 VoltRequest a Quote
 A55-10High Frequency Thermal Converter 10 VoltRequest a Quote
 A55-3VThermal Transfer Stantard 3 VoltRequest a Quote
 A90AC/DC Current ShuntRequest a Quote
Computer Related Equipment
2280A-175Isothermal Input ConnectorRequest a Quote
2280BData LoggerRequest a Quote
2281AData Logger Extender ChassisRequest a Quote
2286AData Logging SystemRequest a Quote
2620A 05Hydra Data Acquisition Unit / GPIBRequest a Quote
2635AHydra Series II Data LoggerRequest a Quote

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