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888 - Gated Leveling Preamplifier 10KHZ - 1000MHz .01Wat 40AD1 - Amplifier DC - 1MHz 40 Wattts CW LR0500 - RF Coax Attenuator 500 Watt DC - 1GHz 30dB
Amplifier Research 888 - Gated Leveling Preamplifier 10KHZ - 1000MHz .01Wat Amplifier Research 40AD1 - Amplifier DC - 1MHz 40 Wattts CW Amplifier Research LR0500 - RF Coax Attenuator 500 Watt DC - 1GHz 30dB

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100A100RF Amplifier 10KHz -100MHz 100 WattsRequest a Quote
 10W1000CRF Amplifier 500KHz - 1GHz 10 Watts 40dB Gain GPIBRequest a Quote
 200LRF Amplifier 1-200MHz 200 WattRequest a Quote
 200W1000M7RF Power Amplifier 80-1000MHz 200WRequest a Quote
250A250ARF Amplifier 250 Watts CW 10KHz-250MHz DCP GPIB RS232Request a Quote
25A100RF Amplifier 10KHz-100MHz 25 Watts 44dB GainRequest a Quote
25W1000M7RF Amplifier .1-1GHz 25 WattsRequest a Quote
300A100RF Amplifier 10KHz-100MHz 300 WattRequest a Quote
40AD1Amplifier DC - 1MHz 40 Wattts CWRequest a Quote
777Leveling Preamplifier 10kHz - 220MHz 30dB GainRequest a Quote
888Gated Leveling Preamplifier 10KHZ - 1000MHz .01WatRequest a Quote
 999Leveling Preamplifier 1-1000MHz 10mWRequest a Quote
 100A250RF Amplifier 10KHz-250MHz 100 Watts 50dB GainRequest a Quote
 10HARF Amplifier 225-410MHz 10 WattRequest a Quote
 10HBRF Amplifier 300-500MHz 10 WattRequest a Quote
 10LRF Amplifier .15-300MHz 10 WattRequest a Quote
10S1G4ASolid State Microwave Amplifier .8 to 4.2GHz 13 WaRequest a Quote
10W1000BroadBand RF Amplifier 1-1000MHz 10 WattRequest a Quote
10W1000ARF Amplifier .5-1000MHz 10 WattRequest a Quote
10W1000BWideband RF Amplifier 500KHz - 1GHz 10 WattsRequest a Quote
 15A250RF Amplifier 10KHz-250MHz 15 WattRequest a Quote
1S1G4RF Amplifier 800MHz to 4.2GHz 1 wattRequest a Quote
 1W1000RF Amplifier 500KHz-1GHz 1 WattRequest a Quote
1W1000BRF Amplifier 1 Watt CW 100 KHz-1000 MHzRequest a Quote
25A250ARF Amplifier 10KHz - 250MHz 25 WattRequest a Quote
 30LRF Amplifier 1-250MHz 30 WattsRequest a Quote
 30W1000M7RF Amplifier 25-1000MHz 30 WattsRequest a Quote
 40LRF Amplifier 100-240MHz 40 WattRequest a Quote
 4W1000RF Amplifier 1 to 1000MHz /30 wattsRequest a Quote
 5S1G4RF Amplifier .8-4.2GHz 6.5 WattsRequest a Quote
5W1000Wideband RF Amplifier 500KHz-1GHz 5 WattRequest a Quote
 6LARF Amplifier 2-150MHz 8 WattRequest a Quote
 700ARF Amplifier 10KHz-250KHz 700 WattsRequest a Quote
 LN1000M2Low Noise Preamplifier 10KHz-1000MHz 11dBm 30dB GaRequest a Quote
 PC1000Combiner / SplitterRequest a Quote
Coaxial & Waveguide
LR0500RF Coax Attenuator 500 Watt DC - 1GHz 30dBRequest a Quote
EMI/RFI Analyzers & Antennas
AT2000CAVITENNA Cavity-Exciting Radiator for Shielded RoRequest a Quote
 DC2000Dual-Directional Coupler 10KHz - 220MHz 2500 WattRequest a Quote
 DC2500AHigh Power Dual-Directional Coupler 10KHz-22MHz 50Request a Quote
AT1080Broadband Log-Periodic Antenna 80-1000MHz 2000 watRequest a Quote
AT5000Broadband High Power RF Field Generator 10KHz-100MRequest a Quote
 DC5000Daul Directional Coupler 220-400MHz 50dB 2500 WattRequest a Quote
 DC6580ADual Directional Coupler 80-1000MHz 50dB 1500 WattRequest a Quote
 FM1000Isotropic Field MonitorRequest a Quote
 FM5004Field Monitor MainframeRequest a Quote
 FP5000Isotropic "E" Field Probe 10KHz-1000MHz 1-300V/mRequest a Quote
 NE3000Shielded Room TesterRequest a Quote
 PH2000Power Sensor 10KHz-8GHz -60-+20dBmRequest a Quote
 PM20022-Channel RF Power MeterRequest a Quote

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