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Oscilloscope Accessories

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11A72 - Two-Channel Amplifier CT-4 - Current Probe TDS3024B - Digital Oscilloscope 200MHz 4Ch 2.5GSa/s
Tektronix 11A72 - Two-Channel Amplifier Tektronix CT-4 - Current Probe Tektronix TDS3024B - Digital Oscilloscope 200MHz 4Ch 2.5GSa/s

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 PCA-10Current Probe AmplifierRequest a Quote
105B IIScopemeter 100MHz Series IIRequest a Quote
 80I-400Clamp-On AC Current ProbeRequest a Quote
 80I-600AC Current ProbeRequest a Quote
 Y8100Clamp-on AC/DC Current ProbeRequest a Quote
 Y8101AC Current ProbeRequest a Quote
Hewlett Packard - Agilent- Keysight
1141A200MHz Differential ProbeRequest a Quote
1152AActive Probe 2.5GHz .6pFRequest a Quote
54701A2.5GHz 0.6pf Active ProbeRequest a Quote
 1143AProbe Offset & Power Module For 54701ARequest a Quote
 1144A800MHz Active ProbeRequest a Quote
 1153A200MHz Differential ProbeRequest a Quote
 1159A1GHz Differential Probe For InfinIIumRequest a Quote
 54003AOscilloscope ProbeRequest a Quote
 54006A6GHz Passive Divider ProbeRequest a Quote
 54120ADisplay for 54120TRequest a Quote
 54121A20GHz Four-Channel Test SetRequest a Quote
 54650AGPIB Interface Module for 54600-seriesRequest a Quote
 54651ARS232 Interface ModuleRequest a Quote
 54652BRS232 & Parallel Interface ModuleRequest a Quote
 54655ATest Automation Module with GPIBRequest a Quote
 54657AGPIB Measurement / Storage Module for 54600-SeriesRequest a Quote
 70206ASystem Graphics DisplayRequest a Quote
 N2757AGPIB Interface ModuleRequest a Quote
11A33Differential ComparatorRequest a Quote
11A34Four-Channel Vertical AmplifierRequest a Quote
11A72Two-Channel AmplifierRequest a Quote
A6302Current ProbeRequest a Quote
A6303Current ProbeRequest a Quote
AM502Differential Amplifier ModuleRequest a Quote
AM5030Programmable Current Probe AmplifierRequest a Quote
AM503BDigital Current Probe AmplifierRequest a Quote
AM503SCurrent Probe SystemRequest a Quote
CSA8000Communications Signal AnalyzerRequest a Quote
CSA803CCommunications Signal AnalyzerRequest a Quote
CT-4Current ProbeRequest a Quote
ORR242.488 Gb/s SDH / Sonet Optical Reference ReceiverRequest a Quote
P6015AHigh Voltage ProbeRequest a Quote
P6246400MHz Differential ProbeRequest a Quote
SD-22Low-noise Sampling HeadRequest a Quote
SD-42Optical to Electrical ConverterRequest a Quote
TDS2CMCommunication Module Centronics GPIB RS232Request a Quote
TDS2CMAXCommunications Module GPIB RS232 CentronixRequest a Quote
 TDS3024BDigital Oscilloscope 200MHz 4Ch 2.5GSa/sRequest a Quote
TDS3GMGPIB / RS232 Interface for TDS3000 SeriesRequest a Quote
TM5003TM5000 MainframeRequest a Quote
TM502ATM500 Mainframe 2-SlotRequest a Quote
TM503TM500 MainframeRequest a Quote
TM504TM500 MainframeRequest a Quote
 012-1221-00Sampling Head Extender CableRequest a Quote

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