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RF Power Meters

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8481DHigh Sensitivity SensorRequest a Quote
8481HPower Sensor 10MHz-18GHz 100uW-3W -10-+35dBmRequest a Quote
8482APower Sensor 100KHz-4.2GHz 3uW-100mW -25-+20dBmRequest a Quote
8484APower SensorRequest a Quote
8485DPower Sensor 50MHz - 26.5GHz 100pW-10uWRequest a Quote
8900DDigital Peak Power MeterRequest a Quote
E4416AEpm-p Series Single Channel Power MeterRequest a Quote
E4418AMicrowave Power MeterRequest a Quote
 E4418A 003Microwave Power MeterRequest a Quote
E4418BSingle-Channel Power MeterRequest a Quote
Q8486AWaveguide Power Sensor (33 - 50GHz)Request a Quote
R8486AThermocouple Waveguide Power Sensor 26 - 40GHzRequest a Quote
R8486DWaveguide Power Sensor 26.5-40GHz -70 to -20dBmRequest a Quote
 3406ARF Voltmeter 1mV - 3 Volts in eight 10dB StepsRequest a Quote
 432CDigital RF Power MeterRequest a Quote
 435ARF Power MeterRequest a Quote
 435A/8481APower Meter/sensor .01-18 GHzRequest a Quote
 435BRF Power MeterRequest a Quote
 435B/001RF Power Meter/battery OptRequest a Quote
 435B/8481ARF Power Meter/sensor .01-18GHzRequest a Quote
 435K061mW Power ReferenceRequest a Quote
 436A/8481ADigital RF Power Meter/sensorRequest a Quote
 436A/8481A/HPIBDigital Power Meter/sensor/HPIBRequest a Quote
 437B 003Digital Microwave Power MeterRequest a Quote
437B-8481APower Meter/sensor .01-18 GHzRequest a Quote
 438A/(2)8481APower Meter/(2) Power Sensors .01-18 GHzRequest a Quote
 478ACoaxial Thermistor MountRequest a Quote
 70100AMms Power MeterRequest a Quote
 8478BThermistor MountRequest a Quote
 84811APeak Power SensorRequest a Quote
 84812APeak Power SensorRequest a Quote
84814APeak Power Sensor 500MHz to 40GHzRequest a Quote
 84815APeak Power Sensor 20MHz - 18GHzRequest a Quote
8481APower Sensor 10MHz - 18GHz -30 to +20dBmRequest a Quote
 8481A 001Power Sensor 10MHz - 18GHz -30 to +20dBm APC-7Request a Quote
 8482BHigh Power Sensor 100KHz - 4.2GHz 1mw - 25 WattRequest a Quote
8482HPower SensorRequest a Quote
 8483APower Sensor 75 OhmRequest a Quote
8485APower Sensor 50MHz-26.5GHzRequest a Quote
8487APower Sensor 50MHz - 50GHzRequest a Quote
 8487DPower Sensor 50MHz-50GHz -70 To -20dBmRequest a Quote
8900CPeak Power MeterRequest a Quote
 8900C-84811APeak Power Meter/sensor .1-18 GHzRequest a Quote
8990APeak Power AnalyzerRequest a Quote
E4412APower Sensor 10MHz - 18GHz -70 to +20dBmRequest a Quote
E4413APower Sensor 50MHz-26.5GHz -70(100pw)-+20dBm100mwRequest a Quote
E4417APeak And Average Power MeterRequest a Quote
 E4418B 001-002Single-channel Power MeterRequest a Quote
E4419ADual-Channel Power MeterRequest a Quote
E4419BDuaLChannel Power MeterRequest a Quote

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