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Coaxial Cal Kits & Accy

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 11582AAttenuator Set 3, 6, 10, 20dB DC-18GHz Type NRequest a Quote
 11636BCoax Power Divider DC - 26.5GHzRequest a Quote
11667CCoaxial Power Splitter DC-50GHzRequest a Quote
 11693ACoaxial LimiterRequest a Quote
 11716CCoaxial Interconnect SMARequest a Quote
 11721AFrequency DoublerRequest a Quote
 11850AThree-Way Power SplitterRequest a Quote
11852B 004Minimun Loss Pad with Option 004 (50 ohm N male -Request a Quote
 11853A50 Ohm N Accessory KitRequest a Quote
 11854A50 Ohm BNC Accessory Kit 9 PcRequest a Quote
 11855A75 Ohm N Accessory KitRequest a Quote
 11878A3.5-mm Calibration KitRequest a Quote
 33102ACoaxial SwitchRequest a Quote
 33311BSPDT Coaxial SwitchRequest a Quote
 33322GProgrammable Step AttenuatorRequest a Quote
 33340C-203.5mm Attenuator DC - 26.5GHzRequest a Quote
 355C 001Step Attenuator DC - 1GHz 0 - 12dB 1dB / Step N(fRequest a Quote
 355D 001Step Attenuator DC - 1GHz .5 Watt 0 - 120dB 10dBRequest a Quote
 355E75 Ohm Programmable Step AttenuatorRequest a Quote
 355F75 Ohm Programmable Step AttenuatorRequest a Quote
 35676B75 Ohm Reflection / Transmission Test KitRequest a Quote
35678AType N Calibration Kit 50 Ohm (3577)Request a Quote
 360A700MHz Low Pass FilterRequest a Quote
41941AImpedance Probe Kit (used With 4194A)Request a Quote
 41951AImpedance Test Kit for HP 4195aRequest a Quote
 41952B75 Ohm Transmission / Reflection Test SetRequest a Quote
 420CDetectorRequest a Quote
 423ACoax Crystal Detector .01-10GHz 100mwRequest a Quote
 423BCoax Crystal Detector 18GHzRequest a Quote
 448ASlotted Line Sweep AdapterRequest a Quote
 5364AMicrowave Mixer / DetectorRequest a Quote
 787DDirectional Detector 1.9 - 4.1 GHzRequest a Quote
 805ASlotted Line .5-4GHz NRequest a Quote
 806BSlotted Line .5-4GHz Type NRequest a Quote
 816ASlotted Line Section 1.8 - 18GHzRequest a Quote
 83036CBroadBand Directional Detector 10MHz - 26.5GHzRequest a Quote
 8403APin Modulator Control UnitRequest a Quote
 8470BCrystal Detector .01 - 18GHzRequest a Quote
 8471EPlanar-Doped Barrier Diode Detector 10 MHz - 12GHRequest a Quote
 8472BDetector .01-18GHzRequest a Quote
84907LProgrammable Step Attenuator 70dB DC-40GHz 2.4mmRequest a Quote
 84907L 006Programmable Step Attenuator DC-40 GHz 0 to 70 dBRequest a Quote
 8491A-10Fixed Attenuator DC - 12.4GHz 10dBRequest a Quote
 8491A-20Fixed Coaxial Attenuator DC-12.4GHz 20dB NRequest a Quote
 8491A-3Fixed Attenuator DC - 12.4GHz 3dBRequest a Quote
 8491A-30Fixed Coaxial Attenuator DC - 12.4GHz 30dB NRequest a Quote
 8491A-40Fixed Attenuator DC - 12.4GHz 40dBRequest a Quote
 8491A-6Fixed Attenuator DC - 12.4GHz 6dBRequest a Quote
 8491B-10Fixed Attenuator DC-18GHz 10dB NRequest a Quote
 8491B-20Fixed Attenuator DC-18GHz 20dBRequest a Quote

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