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RF Solid State Amplifiers

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325LARF Power Amplifier 250KHz-150MHz 25 WattRequest a Quote
 350LRF Power Amplifier 250KHz-105MHz 50 WattRequest a Quote
403LARF Amplifier 150 KHz - 300MHz 3 WattRequest a Quote
411LARF Amplifier 150KHz-300MHz 10 WattRequest a Quote
 420LRF Amplifier 150KHz-250MHz 20 WattsRequest a Quote
 420LARF Power Amplifier 150KHz-300MHz 20 WattsRequest a Quote
 500LARF Amplifier 1.5-520MHz 400mwRequest a Quote
 503LRF Power Amplifier 2-510MHz 3wRequest a Quote
 5100LRF Amplifier 1.5-400MHz 100 WattRequest a Quote
 510LRF Amplifier 1.7 - 500MHz 9.5 WattRequest a Quote
525LARF Amplifier 1 - 500MHz 25 WattRequest a Quote
607LRF Amplifier .5 - 1000MHz 7 WattRequest a Quote
 630LRF Amplifier 400MHz - 1GHz 30 Watt GPIBRequest a Quote
 A-150RF Amplifier .3-35MHz 150 WattRequest a Quote
 A-300RF Amplifier 300KHz-35MHz 300 WattRequest a Quote
A-500RF Amplifier 300KHz - 35MHz 500 WattRequest a Quote
AP400Broadband Power Amplifier 80KHz - 2.7MHz 400 WattRequest a Quote
 FT100Test Set for ENI 1040L & 1140LARequest a Quote
 LPI-10NMR Pulse Amplifier 10 - 86MHz 1000 Watt PulseRequest a Quote
  RF Power Amplifier 9 - 250KHz 1000 WattRequest a Quote
GRF5016ARF Amplifier 1.4 - 2.4GHz 20 WattsRequest a Quote
Hewlett Packard - Agilent- Keysight
11975AMicrowave Amplifier 2 - 8GHzRequest a Quote
5087ADistribution AmplifierRequest a Quote
5087A 033Distribution AmplifierRequest a Quote
83018AMicrowave System Amplifier 2GHz - 26.5GHzRequest a Quote
8347ARF Amplifier 100KHz - 3GHz +20dBRequest a Quote
 8348AMicrowave Preamplifier 2 to 26.5 GHzRequest a Quote
8349BMicrowave Amplifier 2 - 20GHz 100mwRequest a Quote
8349B 001Microwave Amplifier 2 - 20GHz 100mwRequest a Quote
8447DWide Band PreamplifierRequest a Quote
8447D 001Dual-Channel RF PreampRequest a Quote
8447FRF AmplifierRequest a Quote
 461AGeneral Purpose AmplifierRequest a Quote
 465AGeneral Purpose AmplifierRequest a Quote
 467APower AmplifierRequest a Quote
83006ARF Amplifier 10MHz - 20GHz 20dB GainRequest a Quote
 83017AMicrowave System Amplifier 0.5 To 26.5GHzRequest a Quote
83020AMicrowave System Amplifier 2 GHz To 26.5 GHzRequest a Quote
83050AMicrowave System Amplifier 2 GHz To 50 GHzRequest a Quote
8349ABroadBand Microwave AmplifierRequest a Quote
 8447ABroadBand AmplifierRequest a Quote
 8447A 001BroadBand Dual AmplifierRequest a Quote
 8447CRF AmplifierRequest a Quote
 8447ERF Power AmplifierRequest a Quote
8449BMicrowave Preamplifier 1-26.5GHzRequest a Quote
 87405APreamplifier .01-3GHzRequest a Quote
87421APower Supply For RF AmplifiersRequest a Quote
 87422APower Supply for RF AmplifiersRequest a Quote
 1406HRF Amplifier .5 - 1GHz 5 WattRequest a Quote
Instruments For Industry
M406RF Amplifier 10KHz - 220MHz 1000 Watt 60dB GainRequest a Quote

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