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AC / DC Power Supplies

Subcategories: AC Line Conditioners, AC Sources, Current Sources & Source Monitors, DC Amplifiers, DC Power Supplies, DC Programmable Supplies, Electronic Loads, High Voltage Sources, Operational Amp Power Sources

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DHP80-37M3M9D - Programmable DC Power Supply 0 - 80V  0 - 37A GPIB BOP20-10M - Operational Amplifier / Power Supply 0 to ±20V  0 66000A - MPS Mainframe
Sorensen DHP80-37M3M9D - Programmable DC Power Supply 0 - 80V 0 - 37A GPIB Kepco BOP20-10M - Operational Amplifier / Power Supply 0 to ±20V 0 Hewlett Packard 66000A - MPS Mainframe

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AC-DC Electronics
 EL750BElectronic LoadRequest a Quote
EL750B-R-2-1Dual Electronic LoadRequest a Quote
EL300Electronic LoadRequest a Quote
 EL310Electronic Load SystemRequest a Quote
EL750B-R-2-2Dual Electronic LoadRequest a Quote
Acme Electric or Standard Electric
PS2L1500Electronic Load 1500 Watts 1.5-30V 0-300ARequest a Quote
 PS2-L1500Electronic Load 30volt 300amp 1500 WattattRequest a Quote
PS2L1000Programmable Solid-State LoadRequest a Quote
American Ultraviolet
PC-10-1-H2IR Lamp Power SupplyRequest a Quote
Anritsu Corp
 MZ1003APower Supply MainframeRequest a Quote
T242BDDC Load Bank 0-30 Volts 0-150 AMPSRequest a Quote
B&K Precision
 1601Power Supply 0-50v 0-2ARequest a Quote
 1650Triple Power Supply ±0-25v .5a 1-5v 5aRequest a Quote
 1660Triple Power Supply ±0-30v 0-2A 4-6.5v 5aRequest a Quote
ACP-3X750-01Programmable AC Power Source 2250VA 3-Phase 45 - 2Request a Quote
 3-75-D-204AC Power SourceRequest a Quote
 ACM1500AC Power SourceRequest a Quote
 ACM3-3503 Phase AC Power Source 1050 VA 135/270v 45-2500HzRequest a Quote
 BL1350C-2-IAC Power Source 1350 VA 45-500Hz 135-270VACRequest a Quote
 105-01RHigh Voltage DC Power Supply 0-1KV 0-1A ReversibleRequest a Quote
105-30RHigh Voltage Power Supply 0 - 30KV 0 - 33mARequest a Quote
205-01RHigh Voltage Power Supply 0-1000V 30mA ReversableRequest a Quote
205A-01RPower Supply 0 - 1KV 0 - 30mA Reversible PolaritRequest a Quote
205A-03RHigh Voltage DC Power Supply 0-3000V 0-10mA ReversRequest a Quote
205A-05RHigh Voltage Power Supply 0-5kV 0-5mA Reversible PRequest a Quote

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